Alaina Creager

Alaina Creager

UX Designer

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I AM...

a motivated designer looking to make the most of an opportunity in the UX design world. 

My Design Process



Background Knowledge

In my eyes, understanding the goal and investigating potential problems is the most valuable part of finding a well-rounded solution. This part of my process includes analyzing the product, company and market, but most importantly speaking with users to understand their frustrations.



Divergent Thinking

Ideation is based on research and design evaluation of a product. I go into these sessions with the mentality that no idea is a bad idea. This allows you to clear your mind and flush out any ideas that could potentially lead you towards a successful solution. Storytelling is also a huge influence on this part of the process. Being able to make your ideas work in context is what can help differentiate a good idea from a great one.



Iterative Process

After ideas have been refined through collaboration, I begin to create low fidelity solutions and evaluate them with users. This process is iterative, occurring multiple times before finalizing on a true final solution. After filtering through any potential problems I move into higher fidelity and begin to bring in aesthetic factors to the design. This too is evaluated iteratively until establishing a validated solution.



After creating a solution, it is time for handoff to stakeholders. Luckily my education has acclimated me to the world of presentation and critique. I enjoy feedback and look forward to improving solutions.